September Gardening To-Dos

In the Garden

  • Select and plant shrubs and trees for fall color.
  • Plant winter pansies, ornamental cabbage and kales and spring-blooming bulbs.
  • Cut back or prune spring and summer perennials and divide if necessary.
  • Refresh summer containers by designing and planting new fall containers.
  • Add winter flowering hellebores or Erica carneas to your garden or containers.
  • Visit local dahlia growers to choose your favorites for next spring.
  • Keep all flowers picked.

Fruits & Veggies

  • Harvest veggies and herbs. Enjoy the bounty. Remember, raw or lightly cooked vegetables retain the most vitamins.
  • Plant a winter cabbage early in the month.
  • Sow winter choys and mustards.

The Lawn

  • Clean up yard and clear debris.
  • Plan and install new lawn with seed or sod.
  • Late in the month, begin fall lawn renovation, thatching, aerating, liming and overseeding.
  • When fall rain begins, use a 3-1-2 ratio organic fertilizer.

Around the House

  • Breathe a momentary sigh of relief as the kids head back to school.
  • Refresh and reorganize your home.
  • Clean and prepare your outdoor furniture for the winter.
  • Depending on the furniture material and manufacturer’s recommendation, cover the furniture, move the furniture inside or to your basement, or simply leave in place after cleaning.
  • Add a fall harvest wreath to your door.
  • It’s time to dig out your favorite “comfort food” recipes. Think soups and stews!
  • Bring your tropical plants indoors. Enjoy them in your home or let them go dormant in a dark place such as the garage. Water dormant plants lightly and infrequently.