Outdoor Plants

Garden Texture & Color & Structure

Molbak's has trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, winter and spring bloomers, bulbs, and year-round container ideas and designs. Our outdoor plants experts and acres of ideas can help you visualize what you can do your space for maximum impact and privacy.

  • Veggies & Herbs

    Early spring starts are here now! We offer some in our online store. You’ll find a wider selection in the nursery. Whether you are planting a winter, summer or spring garden, we can help. All of our edibles are organic. We recommend using organic compost to feed your new plants and keep them healthy and happy.

  • Fruits & Berries

    Edible landscapes are practical and fun! Imagine standing in your own yard, the sun warming your back, and snacking on fresh berries or harvesting fruit for dessert. Incorporating edibles makes gardening fun for kids too!

  • Perennials

    Our customers come back again and again, so do our perennials. Plant these sweet spring, summer or fall surprises to add an extra flowering element to your ever-changing garden.

  • Shrubs

    Shrubs show off your trees, have interesting foliage and create visual screens. Whether you’re using outdoor plants for structure to your garden or attracting wildlife, we have evergreen and deciduous shrubs ready to serve multiple, year-round purposes in your yard.

  • Trees

    Thinking big? Beautiful? Shade? Privacy? We can help you find a solution! Our selection of conifers, maples, deciduous, evergreens, fruit, and statement trees can serve any desire you have for your garden.

  • Grasses

    Purple. Red. Black. Blue. Shades of green. Grasses are as versatile in size as they are in color. We like to use them just about everywhere – they are drought resistant and many are deer resistant too. Make them a centerpiece of a garden bed, in a mixed shrub border or add to a container.

  • Maples

    Our selection of maple trees and shrubs are colorful in more season than one. From the full leafed green and purple sway of summer, to the rainbow of yellows, reds and oranges in the fall, and the colorful bare branches in the winter, maples give you a full kaleidoscope of colors.

  • Succulents

    Succulents are the hardy Northwest survivors. Spiral or creeping – use them in a rockery or as a low ground cover. They are drought resistant outdoor plants and will add a textural element to your garden or container.

  • Annuals

    We love color! Whether it’s springtime and you’re chasing away the cloudy skies of winter or you’re doing a fun fall planting – we have your favorite! Sun or shade loving annual, you’ll find just the right plant for your container or garden bed.

  • Roses

    We have easy care shrub roses, super fragrant English roses, classics like Mr. Lincoln, climbers and hybrid teas. We have standards or tree form, perfect for a formal container planting. Scented or unscented and all colors, from solid red to striped white and purple, yellow, pink, white, violet, and bicolor.

    2023 Rose Selection

    Read our blog on the English Rose.

    The English Rose 
  • Heathers

    Heathers are a winter and summer favorite in the PNW. Some bloom in winter brightening your landscape, and some carpet a summer garden with color. They are a hardy favorite for year-round containers too!

  • Vines

    Some of the most fragrant flowers bloom on vines. Invite the birds and bees or create shade; cover a fence or trellis for garden structure – vines have many purposes and are easy to grow. We have leaners, twiners, rooters, annuals and perennials.

Container Gardens

Refresh your front door or patio with a container garden. Our design team creates sun and shade containers, which you’ll find throughout the nursery, or you can make your own. Ask one of our expert staff members for plant suggestions and check out our design of the month.

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