October Gardening To-Dos

In the Garden

  • Clean up and winterize.
  • Prune fruit trees.
  • Divide and add new perennials, and prune back existing ones.
  • Plant ground covers, shrubs and trees.
  • Choose and plant crocus, daffodil and tulip bulbs.
  • Rake leaves and use them to mulch around tender perennials.

Fruits & Veggies

  • Compost garden waste as you tidy for winter.
  • Sow a cover crop such as crimson clover, vetch or field peas in empty garden spaces to replenish nitrogen to the soil. Plow or mix the cover crop into the soil in the spring.

The Lawn

  • Finish fall lawn renovation, thatching, aerating, liming and overseeding.
  • Turn off irrigation system and drain for the winter.

Around the House

  • Winterize fountains and water features.
  • Sharpen shovels and tools.
  • Get out cozy throws, seasonal candles, and add an autumn wreath to the front door.
  • Stay social and invite friends over for an easy and warm meal like chili.
  • Prepare for rainy days by hanging a small towel by each door for your four-legged friend’s feet.