May Gardening To-Dos

In the Garden

  • Visit public gardens such as the Bellevue Botanical Garden for fresh ideas.
  • Plant dahlias, gladiolus, calla lilies, rhododendrons, azaleas and hanging baskets of geraniums and fuchsias.
  • Plant annuals in beds and containers for summer color. Mix in herbs for fun.
  • Spruce-up your containers and add organic fertilizer. Remove spent bulb seed pods, allowing bulb foliage to mature.
  • Trim spring-blooming shrubs after they bloom.
  • Add aquatic plants to your water garden.

Fruits & Veggies

  • Transplant starts of heat-lovers such as tomatoes, peppers, squash and cucumbers.
  • Harden tender transplants by putting them out in a sheltered location and bringing them in at night until the chance of nighttime frost is past.
  • When soil warms, plant corn and beans.

The Lawn

  • Check all irrigation systems for leaks and assess sprayhead direction.
  • Set up a simple rain gauge – an empty container placed on the lawn will track of how much water the lawn has received. Lawns optimally require an inch of water weekly from rain, irrigation or a combination of the two.
  • Mow lawn every five to seven days.
  • Dig out dandelions and roots to prevent re-seeding.

Around the House

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Celebrate Mom with colorful plants and container gardens.
  • When evening lows stay above 50°F/10°C, move indoor plants, such as bougainvilleas, palms, citrus, ficus or ferns to a bright outdoor location. They’ll thrive there.
  • Give flowering houseplants boost by switching to organic bloom fertilizer.
  • Clean up fountains and birdbaths.

Don Juan
Golden Opportunity
Joseph's Coat 

DAVID AUSTIN (available in March)
Claire Austin
Eustacia Vye
Gabriel Oak
Gertrude Jekyll
Golden Celebration
Olivia Rose Austin
Roald Dahl
Scepter’d Isle
Silas Marner
Teasing Georgia
The Generous Gardener
The Lark Ascending
The Poet's Wife

Angel Face
Ebb Tide
Hot Cocoa
Julia Child
Livin' Easy
Morning Glow

Queen Elizabeth
Uptown Girl

Flower Carpet Coral
Flower Carpet Pink
Flower Carpet Red

Chantilly Cream
Double Delight
Fragrant Cloud
Heavenly Scented
Just Joey
Mister Lincoln
New Zealand
Perfume Factory
Sugar Moon
Touch Of Class
Veteran's Honor

Gourmet Popcorn 
Lemon Drop
Midnight Fire
Ruby Ruby 

Blanc Double De Coubert
Champagne Wishes
Coral Cove
Double Knockout
Head Over Heels
High Voltage
Love & Peace
Oscar Peterson
Sally Holmes
Sultry Night
Sweet Fragrance

Yellow Submarine

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