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Lomi Home Composting

This smart waste countertop appliance was designed to make it simple and mess-free to sustainably dispose of food scraps and compostable containers right from your own kitchen. Designed for small and large households, houseplant enthusiasts and new and expert gardeners, Lomi offers anyone with a kitchen a way to make composting simple. 

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Features + Benefits

  • Sleek, modern design means you’ll enjoy it on your countertop 
  • Carbon filters neutralize and trap odors 
  • Kids love Lomi! 
  • Can hold up to 3L of scraps 
  • One button composting. Yes, it’s really that simple
Woman and boy putting scraps in Lomi composter
Woman starting Lomi composter

3 straightforward modes:

  • Eco-Express Mode: fast results with low energy consumption, this mode takes 3-5 hours to complete. This mode is not designed for bioplastics, compostable commercial goods or packaging … just scraps.  
  • Lomi Approved Mode: Running between 5-8 hours, this mode is designed for bioplastics, compostable commercial goods and packaging.  
  • Grow Mode: Most helpful for creating a soil amendment, this mode if solely for food waste. Preserving microorganisms and bacteria most helpful to soil, this mode runs between 16-20 hours.

Lomi Accessories

  • Skylight Clear Lid – watch the magic happen with this alternative lid that lets you get a glimpse of the action inside. This is a great accessory for little learners and future gardeners.  
  • LomiPods – tiny tablets flooded with microorganisms, LomiPods are a great addition to the Grow Mode if you plan on using Lomi Earth to amend your houseplants and garden.  
  • Activated Charcoal – neutralize funky food odors with activated charcoal. Lomi recommends replacing your filter every 90 days.
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  • Lomi composter top view
  • LomiPod package