June Gardening To-Dos

In the Garden

  • Plant fall perennials such as rudbeckia, asters, and anemones.
  • Encourage birds in the garden for help with insect control by setting out birdfeeders with seed and a bird bath.
  • Install soaker hoses or drip irrigation in beds.
  • Plant annuals and water plants for summer color.
  • Plant petunias, calibrachoa, lobelia, alyssum, and warm summer annuals.
  • Prune rhododendrons after blooming.
  • Enjoy June colors and scents.
  • When necessary, use targeted natural pest and disease remedies in your garden. Avoid using chemicals, which kill all insects. Remember, if you kill a beneficial insect, you inherit its work.

Fruits & Veggies

  • Replant replacement crops when early lettuce, mustard greens, bok choys and spinach mature.
  • Set out successive crops every two weeks to ensure a constant supply of fresh greens.
  • Add layer of straw on soil around veggies to keep weeds away.
  • Conserve water with an easy to set-up drip irrigation system.

In the Lawn

  • Water deeply and slowly.
  • Monitor irrigation systems – if timed adjust when it rains to avoid overwatering or wait to put lawn on timer until July.
  • Continue grasscycling. Use a mulch mower to return the clippings to the lawn in a form that will break down and become useable fuel for the lawn.
  • Mow often enough to remove only one-third of grass blade length.

Around the House

  • Get ready for summer entertaining: Uncover and clean your outdoor furniture.
  • Make sure your BBQ is tidy and in good working order.
  • Shop for tools and gifts in our Garden Center for Father’s Day.
  • Wash all your acrylic tableware.
  • Work with your children to find the perfect thank you gifts for their teachers.
  • Plan a festive Independence Day BBQ with bright décor, outdoor lighting and heater for the late night of watching fireworks.
  • Keep watering indoor plants on a regular basis, and groom if needed.