July Gardening To-Dos

In the Garden

  • Plan for fall flowers. Some annual seeds, such as cosmos sown in early July, will bloom in September.
  • Water more often with less frequent rains.
  • Use organic bloom fertilizer with container gardens regularly.
  • Deadhead flowers off annuals and perennials to ensure continuous bloom throughout the summer.

Fruits & Veggies

  • Start transplants for later crops: fall broccoli and cabbage, plus overwintered broccoli, kale and onions.
  • Sow seeds of carrots, peas and rutabagas by mid-July.
  • Harvest beans, cucumbers and squash promptly for best flavor and to keep them producing.

In the Lawn

  • Water deeply or let lawn go dormant and water just once a month.
  • Mow regularly to prevent weed seed spread.
  • Avoid using any fertilizer in the summer.

Around the House

  • Go on local garden tours for inspiration.
  • Be on the lookout for fun garden art or statuary.
  • Consider adding a fountain for the relaxing water sound and the added benefit of attracting birds who will manage insects.
  • Make notes for late fall transplants.
  • Remember to water all indoor plants and mist them occasionally.