Indoor Plants

Refresh Your Space

Whether your lighting is on the down low, or your interior is bathed in sunny rays, we have hundreds of cool new indoor plants, big and small, that would love to go home with you!

We carry the largest selection of houseplants in Western Washington. Our indoor plant area is six entire greenhouses – that’s a lot of greenery, flowers, succulents, tropicals, and shapes and sizes of containers.

  • Succulents

    We love our succulents! Add indoor plants to every room with our diverse and forgiving succulents. We have many rare types and some unique colors – get one or add several to a container.

  • Statement Foliage Plants

    Create a relaxing space by adding large statement foliage plants to a room or office area. We have options for low light and bright windows. You can breathe easy when you have your own large, zero-noise air purifier.

  • Air Plants

    Tillandsia are unique soil-less plants and love humidity and thrive when exposed to steam. Be creative and mount them on wood or suspend them in glass. We have many colorful and rare types.

  • Tropicals

    Hibiscus, jasmine, citrus and more – add a piece of paradise to your summer patio. These tropicals bloom all summer long, have fragrance for days, and some produce fruit. Come and explore the sweet scent of summer!

  • Cacti

    Cacti are a fantastic addition to a plant collection, adding texture and structure. They are easy to care for by the beginner gardener! We have single cacti plants or containers with several types.

  • African Violets

    There are many varieties of these sweet plants to give you reliable blooms for a long time. Did you know – they are succulents!

  • Orchids & Blooming Plants

    We have a year-round selection of orchids. Ask our indoor experts for care tips. Each orchid flower is unique. In addition to orchids, you’ll find a variety of winter blooming indoor plants to brighten any home or office. Perfect gifts any time of year!

  • Terrariums & Aeriums

    Set up your terrarium as a mini hanging garden! Create an entire peaceful landscape in one place to enjoy all year long. We have all the supplies you need – from sand and moss to mini plants and glass containers.