Revitalize Your Space

Molbak’s houseplant department offers the widest selection of indoor plants in western Washington. In the spring of 2023, our houseplant department was completely revitalized. Our goal is to inspire visitors with both unusual and uncommon collector plants as well as tried and true favorites.

We’ve maximized our vertical shelf space to inspire the minimalist working with a smaller indoor footprint. You’ll find something new every time you step into our greenhouse. We’re always on the hunt for hard-to-find varieties of houseplants and plant accessories that will keep your indoor plant collection looking and feeling its best.

What will never change is our team’s dedication to plant education. We’re happy to be the garden center you can trust to help you solve the most challenging of plant problems. Our large assortment of containers and plant accessories evolves with the seasons and we’re proud to partner with local artists and craftspeople to support small businesses in and around Woodinville.

  • Collector Houseplant

    Collector Plants

    Do you have a fondness for the unique or extraordinary? We keep a rotating assortment of peculiar and remarkable houseplants in stock.

  • Colorful Cacti

    Succulents + Cacti

    These houseplants add texture and structure to a collection. Great for the beginner and seasoned indoor gardener, we carry common and hard to come by varieties.

  • Carnivorous Plants


    We love these for their sinister beauty. Sourced from local, specialized growers, this assortment is easier to care for than you might think and great for mitigating common pests like gnats and flies. We have an incredibly knowledgeable carnivorous plant staff here at Molbak’s ready to answer your questions.

  • Plant and Plant Container Hook

    Plant Care + Accessories

    From organic soil and fertilizers to soil moisture readers, plant stands, hanging containers and fixtures, we’ve thought of everything you need for a healthy, stunning indoor plant collection.

  • Momma Pot Plant Containers


    We have a versatile container selection. From hand-thrown small batch pottery and elevated terracotta to upcycled containers made from agricultural byproducts. We carry quite the enviable selection that changes with the seasons.

  • Orchid Flowers


    At Molbak’s you’ll find a year-round selection of orchids. These aren’t your supermarket orchids. Molbak’s carries a wide array of collector orchids and sought-after varieties like Dendrobium, Epidendrum and Cattleya.

  • African Violets


    Known for their exquisite, seasonal or continuous display of blooms, our blooming plants are a staple here at Molbak’s. Think Jasmine, Hydrangea and African Violets.

  • Houseplant Leaves

    Statement Plants

    Large, mature houseplants that literally make a statement. This collection makes great standalone centerpieces for maximum impact in a home or office. We carry options for low, bright and everything-in-between light.

  • Hoya Plant


    Opportunistic and tough is one way to describe a Hoya. A blooming Hoya is a thing of curiosity. Both unique and gorgeous, Hoya blooms are perfect orbs of star-shaped clusters. We carry both collector species and varieties, as well as carnosa, krohniana, obovata and australis.

  • Tillandsia Plant


    These soilless blooming plants thrive when exposed to humidity. Bring out your inner architect and display your air plant on a wood mount, in a terrarium or aerium.

  • Hibiscus Flower

    Patio Foliage

    Our most sought-after blooming patio foliage includes Hibiscus, Bougainvillea and Mandevilla. Here in the Pacific Northwest, you can enjoy these container plants both in and outdoors. We also carry a variety of citrus – read our blog on citrus for more details.

  • Terrarium


    Shop our collection of completed terrariums or come in and pick out plants and accessories to build your own. These indoor miniature gardens make great creative projects and are ideal for small spaces.

  • Common Foliage

    Tried + True Classics

    This collection of classics is the foundation for any well-rounded houseplant collection. They are staples for a reason and loved by indoor gardeners of all levels.