Garden Supplies

Everything You Need

Molbak's carries exceptional garden supplies and products – from gardening tools and lawn supplies, to seeds and wildlife feeders and houses – you'll find everything you need to keep your plants and garden visitors healthy. Our mission is to help you create healthy, beautiful spaces!

  • Wildlife

    Invite the birds into your garden with attractive feeders and homes. They’ll take care of insects and keep your plants healthy. Add a mason bee house and have your own personal pollinators working on your flowers, fruits and berries.

  • Pets

    As a dog friendly store, we take pride in taking care of our four-legged garden friends too. You’ll find raincoats for those drizzly garden mornings, toys for a fun romp in the lawn, and treats – lots of delicious treats.

  • Tools

    We specialize in quality gardening hand tools. Find your fine flower snips and rugged sawing blades to perfectly weighted shovels and all sizes of rakes. Our tools are built to last and do the important job of protecting you and your plants.

  • Lawn Care

    Lush green lawns are amazing and achievable! We are ready to answer all your questions and help you find what you need to nurture and grow your lawn – from lime to organic fertilizer to seed.

  • Potting Soils

    All our potting soils are organic and designed for different situations – from raised beds to cactus containers. We offer soils specifically for geraniums and as general as indoor plants. Ask a Garden Center expert for the best soil for your plants.

  • Plant Supports

    We all need support sometimes; so do plants. Look for stakes, tags, tomato cages, hoops, twine, wire, ground cloths and covers to keep your plants productive and safe.

  • Fertilizers

    Our go-to fertilizers are organic: they last longer, are better for the environment because there isn’t any runoff, and they don’t burn your plants. Most fertilizers are plant specific, designed for each plant’s requirements.

  • Bulbs

    Late winter surprises, spring color, summer structure, and fall farewells to the season are the magic of flowering bulbs. They can add permanent and surprising changes to your garden each season; refreshing your view as you relax in your space.

  • Garden Remedies

    Sometimes Mother Nature needs redirecting. We have many solutions for common garden pests and diseases – and many of them are organic and safe for your pets and family. Stop by our information desk and ask about the best option for your situation.

  • The Family Garden

    Gardening with helpers is rewarding! Pick up some special tools and gloves from our Kids’ Gardening Area for the young ones in your family so they can help you plant. Playing in the dirt with kids is fun!

  • Watering Supplies

    Wands, sprinklers and cans make watering simple. Add a soaker, hose, drip system or a rain barrel for easy water conservation. We have all your garden supplies ready for you.

  • Compost

    Vigorous and healthy plants start with healthy soil. Compost feeds your plants and the microbes in your soil, which break down organic matter and provide more food for your plants. Be sure to incorporate some compost into your soil when you bring home new plants.