Garden Solutions

  • Preserving Your Harvest

    There's more than one way to preserve your garden harvest. Learn from our experts with our video tutorials.

    Preserving Your Harvest

  • Cover Crops and Mulching

    Invest in next year’s harvest by feeding your soil over the winter with a cover crop and mulch.

    The Fall Garden

  • Growling Garlic

    Garlic is a bulb that is simple to grow over the winter. It is also a pest resistant crop and so delicious when added to your favorite recipes.

    Growing Garlic

  • Container Gardens

    Our container garden ideas and designs are seasonal, made for shade or sun, and stunning. You can create gardens for any season, adding beauty to your deck, porch or in a flower bed.

    Container Garden Ideas

  • Molbak's Video Library

    Learn from our experts about indoor plants, growing, and cooking! We’ve documented our tried and true techniques just for you.

    Molbak's Video Library

  • Garden Calendar

    Wondering what to do in the garden this season? Our month by month garden will help you plan the seasonal work in your garden.

    Molbak's Garden Calendar

  • Seminars, Workshops & Events

    Molbak's offers free workshops, seminars and educational events nearly every weekend. There is something for everyone - kids. the beginning gardener and problem solving. Learn from Molbak's experts and well-known PNW experts.

    Event Calendar

  • Conserving Water

    Do you love your summer plants and want to conserve water? We’ll show you sustainable watering techniques to give your plants the water they need, keep them healthy and be mindful of our water resources.

    Water Like a Pro

    Water Wise Gardening

  • Hydrangeas

    Hydrangeas are a wonderful shrub for shady Western Washington gardens. Are you wondering about caring for them? We’ll show you how to prune each type of these flowering beauties and when to feed them.

    Growing Hydrangeas