Container Gardens

At Molbak’s we’ve found that there are so many reasons that gardeners, of all levels, opt to elevate their outdoor spaces with container gardens. Whether you have a sprawling rural landscape or an urban patio with a stunning city view, container gardening is an intimate way to get in touch with nature. With an endless selection of containers and plants as well as soil and amendments, we have exactly what you need to kick-off your new obsession with the container garden.  

Are you curious about container gardens, but unsure where to start? Here in the Pacific Northwest, our climate is generally mild enough that container gardens can be year-round focal points in your outdoor space. Each season, our experts here at Molbak’s will be hand-selecting an assortment of annuals and perennials that, with the proper care, will last through to the next season. This is a great DIY project for new and experienced gardeners.

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Plant Selection

Choosing your plants is the most exciting part of the container gardening process. When selecting plants you can follow Molbak’s templates precisely or, if you’re feeling adventurous, sprinkle some of your own personality into the process. 

5 Tips For Choosing Container Companions

  1. Container placement – where will your container be living? Full sun or deep shade? Maybe something in between? Lighting considerations are important for thriving containers.  
  2. Consider growing conditions – You want to select plants that will complement one another well as they mature. Plants that grow vigorously could overshadow container companions that are slower to get to full size.  
  3. Add variety – consider texture, shape, size and color when picking your plants. Contrast and variation offer something to be explored with the eye.  
  4. Watering requirements – similar to lighting, you want to be sure that you’ve selected plants that have similar watering needs. Otherwise, you could end up with root rot or wilted blooms.  
  5. Lean on the pros – we've really done the heavy lifting for you. If you are still looking for variation from the templates we’ve provided or you can’t find a specific plant, our team at Molbak’s is here to help. 

We’ll give you fresh ideas throughout the year! The plants and flowers in our designs are usually in stock that month. Don’t have time to plant or don’t have a container, but love the design? We’ll have premade containers of our designs ready for you to take home for instant joy!

How-to Basics

  • Fill your container about 2/3 of the way with potting soil. Using rocks for drainage at the bottom is not recommended – it actually slows the drainage of water because of the change in substrates. Plants can drown if their roots sit in water
  • Add an organic fertilizer and mix with the soil. We recommend using an organic fertilizer and compost tea for soil health. Healthy soil will create the best environment for plants to grow
  • Place the plants in their pots on top of the soil to finalize your design and to make sure they all fit. It gets crowded in a container – give the perennials some room to grow, the annuals can be close together. You have created a healthy, nutrient rich soil so no matter the placement, they will all thrive. Once you’ve made any adjustments, set the plants to the side in the same arrangement
  • Gently remove plants from pots and loosen up the roots and add them to the container. Start with the back of the pot and move forward
  • Fill in the spaces between plants with soil; gently packing as you go. Not as tight as your would pack a cup of brown sugar, but tight enough that your fingers don’t easily slip into the soil
  • Water thoroughly – until water comes out the bottom. Watering often reveals gaps when the water causes the soil to settle. Add additional soil if needed. Soil can settle over time so keep some potting soil on hand
  • Water your containers when the top layer of soil is dry to about your first knuckle. The only time you would need to check and water twice a day is when your container is in the hot afternoon summer sun
Cool Hues Container
Warm Tones Contiainer

Each season you’ll find updated container ideas and templates here. Each design is curated in-house with seasonal foliage, flowers and weather in mind. Stay up to date on other Molbak’s events and learning opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter.