PNW Blooming Natives

PNW Blooming Natives

Selecting Plants For Pollinator-Friendly Gardens

The vital role that native and pollinator-friendly plants play in the garden is becoming increasingly understood in and out of gardening circles. Here at Molbak’s we are on a mission to be a source of knowledge and inspiration when it comes to introducing natives to your outdoor spaces.  

Natives are rising in popularity and for good reason. We’re especially fond of showy native pollinators.

Healthy and diverse native plant ecosystems:

  • Sequester carbon
  • Support wildlife - birds, fish, bees, hummingbirds, butterflies
  • Protect our watersheds

Not sure where to start? The Molbak's team has the answers. We've created a PNW Native Pollinator Guide to get you started. Download it here.

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