Poinsettia Care Guide: Simple Tips from Our Experts

Poinsettia Care Guide: Simple Tips from Our Experts

The holiday season brings joy, warmth, and the brilliant color of poinsettias. These festive plants, with their iconic red and white leaves, have become synonymous with the holiday spirit. To ensure your poinsettias stay vibrant and healthy throughout the season and beyond, we're excited to share some expert tips for optimal care. 

Light: A Key Ingredient for Poinsettia Happiness 

While poinsettias can add a touch of holiday magic to the lower light of your room's interior during the festive season, they truly thrive when exposed to bright sunlight. To keep your poinsettias looking their best well beyond the holidays, find a sunny spot for them. Bright, indirect light will contribute to their lasting beauty. 

Watering Wisdom: Keeping the Soil Just Right 

Proper watering is crucial for poinsettias. To avoid wilting and leaf loss, water your plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. Be thorough in your watering, allowing water to drain out of the bottom. However, make sure to remove any excess water in the saucer to prevent root decay. Healthy hydration is the key to a happy poinsettia. 

Temperature: Creating a Cozy Home for Poinsettias 

Poinsettias prefer the comfort of normal household temperatures, typically ranging from 62°F to 68°F. While they may be common outdoors in tropical climates, they won't survive the chilly weather of the Pacific Northwest. Keep your poinsettias cozy indoors to ensure they thrive throughout the holiday season. 

Fertilize for Flourish: A Recipe for Poinsettia Success 

We recommend fertilizing your poinsettias with an all-purpose indoor plant fertilizer from March through October. This regimen provides the nutrients necessary for robust growth and vibrant colors, ensuring your poinsettias remain a stunning centerpiece in your home. 

Next-Level Poinsettia Care: Cultivating Color with Darkness and Light 

Poinsettias naturally grow their uniquely colored leaves when they receive 12 to 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness and 10 hours of bright light each day for about two months. To do this at home, we recommend starting in early September. Cover your plant with an oversized box for 14 hours each night. Remove the box during the day so the plant receives 10 hours of bright light. By consistently providing this dark and light period each day until the end of October, your poinsettia will change color in time for the holidays!  

We proudly present an array of special poinsettia varieties, each with its own unique charm.

2023 Poinsettia of the Year, Pink Champagne
Introducing our Molbak’s Poinsettia of the Year, Pink Champagne: Uniquely captivating rose-on-pink coloring for a statement piece. 

Christmas Feelings Merlot: Deep wine red, adding sophistication to your holiday. 

Holly Berry: Cheerful bright red with classic holly leaf-shaped bracts. 

Christmas Eve: Modern and vibrant, a medium red for contemporary flair. 

Alaska White: Our favorite true white, featuring oak leaf-shaped bracts. 

Christmas Beauty Red: The deepest red, complemented by lush dark green foliage. 

Superba Glitter: A modern twist on tradition, always a customer favorite. 

Superba Marble: Striking pink and white coloring for a contemporary touch. 

Alpina White: Timeless elegance in a true white poinsettia variety. 

Orange Glow: Perfect for Fall celebrations, bringing warmth and vibrancy. 

Autumn Leaves: Beautiful transition from fall to holiday coloring. 

Viking Cinnamon: Soft apricot to cinnamon-pink coloring, unique and inviting. 

Christmas Cheer: The traditional bright red, capturing the essence of the season. 

Christmas Feelings Pink: Star-shaped leaves in holiday pink, adding a magical touch. 

Mars Pink: Clear, true pink with striking dark green foliage. 

Tidings Light Pink: Elegant shades of pink and deep pink for a sophisticated display. 

Pink Champagne: Rose on pink, our 2023 Poinsettia of the Year.

Viking Cinnamon, Alpina White, Christmas Eve Red

Trial Varieties: Choose the Next Star 

We are excited to present trial varieties, each with beautifully unique characteristics. Don't miss the chance to vote for your favorite by scanning the QR code provided on the in-store sign. 

Aurora Queen: Upright growing habit with lovely soft color 

Christmas Chorus: Clear, bright red with full bracts 

Christmas Song: Deeper red with dark green foliage 

Early Elegance Pink: Bright, modern pink 

Early Elegance Red: Medium, true red 

Early Elegance White: Soft white with dark green foliage 

Elevate your holiday spirit with these enchanting poinsettia varieties, thoughtfully chosen for your festive celebrations. Come join us at Molbak's Garden + Home and embark on a journey to discover the perfect poinsettia for your holiday decor. 

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