Lomi: Where Beauty Meets Brains

Lomi: Where Beauty Meets Brains

Composting for climate change, one household at a time.  

This smart waste countertop appliance was designed to make it simple and mess-free to sustainably dispose of food scraps and Lomi-approved compostable containers right from your own kitchen. Designed for small and large households, houseplant enthusiasts and new and expert gardeners, Lomi offers anyone with a kitchen a way to make the composting process simple.  

We had a chance to speak with the co-founder of Lomi, Jeremy Lang, who, alongside an amazing team of innovators, is working to leave this planet better than we found it. In this blog we’ll cover some of the most common questions asked about Lomi and highlight the features that make Lomi one of the most sought-after smart waste appliances on the market.  

Lomi is now available at Molbak’s and our team couldn’t be more excited about this new, sustainable composting option.  

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With three modes, the Lomi allows users to pick their own compost adventure: 

  • Eco-Express Mode: fast results with low energy consumption, this mode takes 3-5 hours to complete. This mode is not designed for bioplastics, compostable commercial goods or packaging … just food scraps.  
  • Lomi Approved Mode: Running between 5-8 hours, this mode is designed for certified compostable Lomi-approved products, such as take-out food containers and utensils.  
  • Grow Mode: Most helpful for creating a soil amendment, this mode if solely for food waste. Preserving microorganisms and bacteria most helpful to soil, this mode runs between 16-20 hours.  

What role has sustainability played in your vision and quest to found Lomi? 

Jeremy Lang: We’re on a mission here at Lomi to create a waste-free future. We’re trying to mimic nature and as humans we’re the only species that create waste. The worst thing we can do with food scraps is put them into the landfill where they create methane emissions. The best thing we can do is get them back to the soil to be used as nature’s fertilizer.  

At Lomi we like to think that we’re simply helping nature along. We’re mimicking nature and using technology to make it easier for people to make sustainable choices. Keeping food scraps out of the landfill means you’re contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases and helping to regenerate the soil … that’s something to feel good about.  

Why is Lomi the ideal countertop appliance for conscious gardeners? 

Each Lomi can process about 1,000 pounds of food scraps each year and that’s roughly what the average family of four produces. The end product is a pure fertilizer, so in a diluted state it’s the ideal amendment for indoor plants and garden beds. It’s important to remember that Lomi Earth, the end product, is high in macronutrients and microbes and it should be diluted before added to houseplants. Lomi makes it easier to be conscientious about your food waste and makes composting simple and fun. It’s organic fertilizer right at your fingertips and in the long run it’s saving you money too.  

How does Lomi work? 

Through heat, abrasion, oxygen and helpful bacteria, Lomi transforms kitchen scraps and compostable containers into plant-ready nutrients (Lomi Earth). We also offer LomiPods, that accelerate the breakdown process and add micronutrients into the final product. Your Lomi will run perfectly fine without the addition of a LomiPods, but they’re a great addition if you plan on using the final product in your houseplants or garden.  

What’s the future of Lomi? 

We’ve initiated a “Learn with Lomi” program – we've donated 1,000 Lomis to schools for education and inspiration. The goal is to provide young kids with a hands-on opportunity to learn about food waste and the importance of sustainability and regeneration.  

We’re looking to make the next gen of Lomi even more efficient with an added element of connectivity and personalization. 

What makes the Lomi brand unique? What are some of your favorite features? 

Running the Lomi requires very little energy. The average Lomi cycle uses 0.07 kilowatts of energy. In Washington state, that will cost you about seven cents per cycle. The three operational modes set Lomi apart from other smart waste appliances out there. In the U.S., less than 10 percent of food waste is getting composted and as a brand we’re using Lomi as a tool for education within families and communities. We’re helping people get their organic waste back in the soil where it belongs.  

As a company we’re also lab and farm testing the end product we call Lomi Earth. Through rigorous lab and field studies we’re finding that produce from gardens amended with Lomi Earth are on average, larger and more nutrient dense than the control group. Plus, the design is sleek and modern, it’s got both beauty and brains.  

Lomi is both a Climate Neutral and Certified B Corporation. Molbak's is proud to carry a product that offers a clean and effective path toward a more sustainable future. Come shop Lomi and Lomi accessories here at Molbak’s.  

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