Easy Care Tips For Vibrant Houseplants This Spring

Easy Care Tips For Vibrant Houseplants This Spring

It’s spring and that means you’re probably busy in your garden, perusing your local farmer’s market or reigniting your relationship with the great outdoors. Who could blame you? The weather’s been beautiful. Despite all the reasons to get outside, this is the time of year where you don’t want to neglect your beloved houseplants.   

Our resident houseplant enthusiast, Nina, has given us her personal tips and tricks to spring houseplant care. From when to repot and fertilize to mitigating pests, we’ve covered the foundation of spring houseplant care in the PNW.  

Repot – spring is the absolute best time to repot plants that have outgrown their containers. Be on the lookout for roots growing from drainage holes, stunted growth or top-heavy plants. Our absolute favorite indoor containers include: 
  • Momma Pots – contemporary pots that our team simply loves!
  • Kanso Design – sustainable with a modern aesthetic 
  • Palmer Cottage – handmade, elevated indoor terracotta

Increase Watering – warmer temps and longer days mean dry soil. Look for wilting, yellowing, soil pulling away from the sides of pots and hydrophobic soil (water pools when the plant is watered). These are all signs that your little friends aren’t getting the hydration they need. 

For the majority of houseplants, the easiest way to determine whether your plant needs watering is the finger test. Simply stick your finger into the soil 1-2 inches deep and if the soil is completely dry, it’s time to water. How often you water id also dependent on the conditions in your home, the size and material of your container and of course the specific needs of the plant. Your best bet is simply to check in more often.

Combat thirst with: 

  • Watering spikes / globes 
  • Self-watering pots 
  • LECA + pumice soil amendments 
Resume and/or Increase Fertilizing – spring and summer in the PNW are when most houseplants will increase foliage and bloom production. We recommend always researching your plants' needs before fertilizing. Molbak’s carries an assortment of organic fertilizers suited to specific houseplants and their needs.  
  • Espoma Indoor Houseplant Food 
  • Espoma Cactus/Succulent Plant Food 

Beware of PESTS – now is not the time to let your guard down. This time of year is when spider mites and fungus gnats come out in full force. If you’ve found pests, we recommend quarantining your plant and beginning a pest management strategy right away.  

To mitigate pests, we rely on Captain Jack’s. It’s organic, safe to use around kids and pets and a Molbak’s staff favorite.  

Humidity – if you’re lucky enough to have AC in your home or office, be aware that this can negatively impact your houseplants. It’s best to keep plants away from AC units and out of the way of fans. To combat dryness, Nina recommends: 
  • Humidity trays 
  • Grouping plants together 
  • Misting 

We have misters, pebble trays and pebbles here at Molbak’s to give your plants the proper humidity levels.  

Molbak’s has everything you need to give your houseplants the extra care and attention they deserve. Looking for more houseplant tips and tricks? Be sure to stay in touch with our events calendar this summer.  

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