A Houseplant Revitalization

A Houseplant Revitalization

Come Shop Our Newly Transformed Houseplant Department  

Nina Grebin, Indoor & Tropical Plants  

I can’t wait to step into Molbak’s freshly revitalized houseplant department and feel a sense of transformation. As Molbak’s houseplant buyer, this renewed space is exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Our houseplant department has become a popular destination for houseplant enthusiasts and those just beginning their foray into houseplant collection. We have one of the largest selections of houseplants in western Washington and the newly transformed space will elevate the shopping experience. Our team was inspired to give our houseplant department a much deserved, fresh new look. They did not disappoint.  

As the houseplant buyer, my goal is to inspire visitors with both unusual and uncommon collector plants as well as tried and true favorites. I also wanted to use our houseplant displays to show what people can do to maximize vertical space in their homes and offices. I was surprised with how much we could do with our vertical space! Indoor gardening is on the rise and Molbak’s is your go-to spot for inspiration.  

So, What’s New?  

  • Expect to see fresh looks that incorporate collector plants with trusted favorites for a plant corner with a modern aesthetic.  
  • The latest in pairing home décor with plants of all shapes and sizes.  
  • Innovative container and plant pairings that give your foliage that much deserved pop!  
  • A curated collection of goods from local artists, makers and small businesses. 
  • Unique, high-quality containers from trusted brands.  
  • Horizontal and vertical displays that will energize your next plant project.  
  • New plant accessories to keep your houseplants looking and feeling their best. 
  • A rotating selection of staff picks and favorites – these are always a hit.  

I’ve also hand-selected new varieties of houseplants and expanded our current collection. We have a new assortment of Hoyas, unusual cacti and collector plants that we’ve never carried before. If you’re in the market for uncommon or unusual plants to level up your collection and awe your friends, we’ve got something for you.  

Molbak’s Expert Staff 

What hasn’t changed is our team’s dedication to staying up to date on plant education. Molbak’s has spent a great deal of energy making sure that our garden center is a place where you can turn to for trusted plant knowledge. We’re even here for you when things have turned ugly. When it comes to mitigating pests and disease, our team has the guidance and patience it takes to turn it all around. Read about our training and plant care practices in Seattle Refined.

With a more diverse selection of collector plants, our customers rely on the insight and tips from our houseplant team.  

Areas of Expertise:  

  • Succulents + Cacti 
  • Carnivorous Plants 
  • Soil Selection 
  • Light + Watering Requirements 
  • Orchids 
  • Terrarium Environments 
  • Statement Plants – Monstera, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Peace Lily, etc.  
  • Propagation – we have an assortment of new propagation tools in stock 
  • Pruning 
  • Plant Health + Nutrition 
  • Disease + Pest Management  
  • Repotting 

The Latest In Containers + Plant Accessories  

One of my favorite things about being a houseplant collector is playing matchmaker. Pairing a plant with the right container keeps the plant not only looking its best but healthy too. A container too large could result in pooling water and root rot where a container too small might end in a rootbound plant. It’s a goldilocks dilemma but our houseplant team is here to help you find the right container.  

Next time you’re in be sure to shop our collection of container staples, local brands and new pots to check out.  

Some of our favorites include: 

  • Momma Pots – a classic staple here at Molbak’s featuring seasonal colorways. 
  • Kanso Collection – a new collection of sustainable, contemporary pots we simply love! We interviewed Kanso founder, Alex Pinto, read the blog here.
  • Palmer Cottage – Terracotta, elevated. Hand thrown and on trend, Palmer’s containers are known for their resiliency. We carry sustainable terracotta and orchid pots. 
  • Bruning Pottery - hand crafted in neighboring historic Snohomish, Washington. Come shop our rotating selection of glaze options.  

With a curated selection of plant stands, hanging containers and fixtures, trellises and supports, you will find a plant container or accessory to accentuate your home aesthetic.  

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