4 Reasons To Love Terracotta

4 Reasons To Love Terracotta

“Terracotta” means baked or fired earth. Appreciated for its adaptability and timelessness, terracotta brings inviting color and texture to any indoor or outdoor space. No matter the look and feel of your home or office, terracotta is a seamless, versatile design addition to both classic and modern interiors.  

Our Favorite Terracotta Features 

1. Patina – terracotta's natural, earthen texture and color give it a timeless aesthetic that we cant get enough of. Usually terracotta is left unglazed and this adds to its functionality as a porous material that’s great for indoor and outdoor use.  

Stylistically, terracotta elevates many design styles, from mid-century modern and rustic to eclectic and contemporary. With terracotta you can’t go wrong.  

2. Porosity – the porosity of terracotta protects plants from overwatering, allows soil to breathe and keeps plants from getting soggy, root rot. The container itself can both absorb water and distribute it.  

3. Adaptability – we really can’t think of a plant that isn’t elevated by the look and feel of a terracotta pot. Plants that do especially well in terracotta containers include: 

  • Cacti 
  • Succulents 
  • Orchids 
  • Peperomia 
  • Sansevierias 
  • Philodendrons 
  • Hoyas 
  • Pileas 
  • Bromeliads 

You’re probably wondering if there are any plants you should avoid housing in terracotta? Due to their moisture and watering needs these plants shouldn’t be planted in terracotta: 

  • Ferns 
  • Irises 
  • Cannas 
  • Colocasia 
  • Calla Lilies 
  • Creeping Jenny 

4. Earth friendly – a natural occurring material, clay is entirely organic. Look to support brands that recycle old and broken terracotta into new products. 

Keep in mind that due to its porosity and water-retention abilities, terracotta can crack in extreme cold temps. At Molbak’s we carry the Greeka brand which is known for its outdoor resilience even in PNW cold weather conditions.  

This earthenware clay is an ever-popular container choice for gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts alike. It’s decorative, practical and exudes a natural warmth and beauty that we just can’t get enough of.  

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